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High Performance Materials Made with Wool

Traceable from farm to factory

By utilising natural, renewable wool fibres, we've created highly advanced materials that meets consumer demand for more sustainable and eco-friendly personal hygiene products.


Woolchemy uses organic chemistry to transform sheep wool into effective, sustainable materials for hygiene products.

NeweZorb and NeweFlex are Woolchemy’s patented bio-based textiles derived from New Zealand wool fibre. The engineered natural materials outperform their synthetic counterparts while meeting consumer demand for sustainable choices.

Meet our team

Woolchemy emerged as a result of a collective of women who were dissatisfied with personal care products that failed to cater to their specific requirements. With the collaboration of a marketer proficient in personal hygiene products and an engineer specialising in wool nonwovens and absorbent technology, the team at Woolchemy possesses a unique ability to grasp the discerning demands of modern consumers who value convenience, performance, and environmental sustainability.

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